Charline Quenée

Charline Quenée has been working at CIMAS since 2015 after finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami in marine science and biology. She is currently pursuing a masters in Marine Ecosystems and Society through RSMAS. She primarily works on the integrated ecosystem assessments for South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, a NOAA wide initiative. Specifically, she works with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in order to help create better data sourcing. Her research contributes to the field through creating connections between managers, scientists, and stakeholders. She helps to assess what scientist’s and manager’s current plans and needs are, how they plan to meet them, and where to bridge the gap between them by applying human dimensions to both the physical and biological components that affect each moving part.

Ever since Charline was 12-years-old and snorkeling for the first time, she has had a passion for ocean science. She keeps her passion alive by improving science literacy and communication between scientists and the public. To get involved with the community, she volunteers for career days at local primary schools. Recently, she spoke at Jose De Diego Middle School about her work here at CIMAS. She also has been involved in the initiative “Skype a Scientist” that gives scientists the opportunity to connect with k-12 classrooms around the world for a 30-60 minute Q&A style session. The initiative has the goal of putting a friendly face to science to lower the intimidation factor that surrounds science for some students.

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